SSDA Directorship Announcement

It gives us great pleasure to announce the appointment of @Gareth Levinsohn and @Albert Theyse to the Board of Directors of SSDA Pty (Ltd). Both Gareth and Albert have proven to be invaluable assets to SSDA and the AlefBet Group as a whole and we are proud to be going from strength to strength with them in their new roles.

Gareth joined us in 2019 from a leading global consulting company and has brought with him over 18 years his years of experience both in call centres and financial services.

Gareth is spearheading both our local and global expansion strategy, delivering world-class service and results to our growing partner base.


Albert also joined the team in 2019 with over 25 years’ experience in call centres and BPO.

He has brought a robust and structured operations methodology to SSDA comparable with the best in the world.


Albert has championed our meticulous focus on all matters operational, delivering measurable, sustainable, and repeatable cadence to our growing operations and client base.

He has and continues to be instrumental in the growth of our regional expansion and global offering.

As a market leader in Collections, SSDA is continually growing and developing our people and business to remain relevant and success driven. This is emulated in our appointment of Gareth and Albert and we look forward to the new heights we can collectively achieve for our partners.


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