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Shapiro Shaik Defries & Associates

Shapiro Shaik Defries and Associates is a world-class collections and recoveries business with operations based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.  SSDA is one of the top collections companies in South Africa since 2004. 

Our clients include financial services providers, retailers, telecommunications providers, utilities, government institutions and healthcare providers among others.  

We have billions of Rands under debt collection, while our extensive database of South African consumer records is updated and enriched monthly, providing an invaluable source of data for our clients.  Our database sets us apart in the industry and is built on score cards and collectability models working with the best data scientists, both domestically and Internationally, over many years. We know which channel to communicate through, with which debtor, at any given time.

SSDA utilises bespoke, proprietary collections technology, processes, and training methodologies to efficiently collect on high-volume, multi-stage outstanding debt, both in South African and international markets.  We offer deep expertise across the full suite of collections requirements throughout the collections lifecycle for clients in diverse industries across the globe.  

Our collections portfolio leverages off a powerful data and analytics backbone, backed by teams of skilled and experienced collections professionals who are dedicated to ensuring strategic alignment to our client’s unique requirements and measures of success. We structure our collections methodologies to align with each client’s specific requirements, lifecycle and internal score cards.

Why Choose Us

Our Expertise

enables us to service all major industries with a solid understanding of all the nuances and regulatory and compliance requirements across industry sectors from medical/healthcare, automotive, retail, telecoms, State-Owned-Enterprises, government and other major credit grantors.

We Continuously Invest

in world-class technology, infrastructure and out-of-the-box technology-solutions. Our focus on data and analytics means that we’re able to apply the appropriate treatment to the data, at the right time, in the correct medium to best reach and engage each debtor. Our omni-channel communication tools incorporate traditional as well as digital channels to effectively communicate, report and pivot between the requirements of your business and its customers.

We Are Compliant

in all aspects of legislative and regulatory frameworks. Collection regulations differ between industries, and there are many subtle nuances, so it’s important to work with a collections partner that has experience in your sector.  SSDA is well versed in dealing with your unique challenges and improve recovery while maintaining a compliance system that’s fit for your business needs.

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