human capital


In an effort to provide world-class service to our clients we understand that we must start with providing world-class service to our Staff Members.

All members of our staff from the MD to the newest collector, all make use of our in-house Wellness Clinic, which includes the services of a full time Nurse. Our licensed dispensary is available for free to all members of staff at SSDA. All staff members make their own appointments and all medical information is strictly confidential. A 24-hour customer-care call centre is available to support all our staff  for personal matter relating to; Legal Aid, Stress- Management , Financial Advise, HIV/AIDS Therapy, Addiction Counseling, Family Matters & Trauma Counseling. We assist them with hospital admission, telephonic or face-to-face counseling and much more. This ensures we have the happiest & healthiest staff.

Available to all our staff inside our canteen is an Internet Café for collectors to surf the net, do their banking, Facebook time, Twitter or catch up with current affairs on many of the news sites. We also offer a cool and comfy canteen with DSTV.


As a result of our massive growth many of our Staff Members are enjoying rapid career growth opportunities. This allows them to leap into more senior position, increase responsibilities and increased remuneration. We believe in having an unlimited Commission and Incentive structure. This means that collectors can earn as much as they want. They are only limited by their ambition and determination.

We conduct monthly competitions, including Grand Prizes, Individual lunches/breakfast with Directors of SSDA, Group Lunches with management, screened movies and many more exciting and rewarding prizes. This fall in line with our healthy Reward and Recognition Program. Our monthly Newsletter is a stand out feature to all, as well as our interactive and robust Staff Forum and continuous Training Program.

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