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SSDA specialises in the collection of delinquent consumer debt on behalf of clients in diverse industries. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of these industries affords us the ability to perform at the highest level, and deliver the best return for our clients while maintaining those all important customer relationships.

We manage portfolios that are 30 days in arrears, all the way to write-off and post write-off stage. Each cycle is segmented, focused and specialised. Each cycle, each client group and each sub-group is strategically placed within our collection process to yield the highest returns for our clients.

At the same time, it’s also customer service. Every customer is unique in terms of their personal and employment circumstances.  SSDA is able to use and corroborate internal and external data sources to empower collections agents to have meaningful and constructive conversations with your customers, at the right time, via the right channel. By better understanding each debtor’s circumstances and behaviour, we can segment and risk rate debtors more precisely and activate the right conversations – the ideal being to rehabilitate their account and bring them back on track, and if that’s not possible, find ways to restructuring their debt, offer individual settlement packages or even payment holidays if their immediate situation is untenable.

We Run Continuous Upliftment Programmes

Debt Purchasing

Collection Platforms & Switching

BPO Services

  • As primary brand
  • As Third Party brand

Pre Legal Collections

  • Early Stage Collections
  • Middle Stage Collections
  • Late Stage Collections
  • 1st Placement
  • 2nd Placement
  • 3rd Placement

Data Services

People Solutions

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  • Compliance
  • Negotiation

Our Client's Needs Are as Varied

As The Industries They Work In

Our Client's Needs Are as Varied As The Industries They Work In

From major listed credit grantors to small financial boutique houses, medical service providers, telecommunication giants and governmental institutions, we understand our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. We add commercial value to our clients, and are available to brainstorm and champion innovation, working as a partner to our clients.

Our goal is to maximise the amount of debt collected and returned to the business, but at the same time it requires a more data-driven and empathetic approach that sees your business recover what’s due, but also helps maintain a positive relationship with your clients.

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