Debt Collectors In South Africa

Struggling with collecting money from your clients? Are you looking for the best debt collectors in South Africa?

At SSDA, we completely understand that unpaid invoices can hurt your business’s cash flow, which in turn will limit your ability to invest and grow your business. We have a team of highly trained professionals that are skilled and experienced in managing debts across all industry sectors, including finance, insurance, retail and medical.

Our call centres are completely capable and equipped to overcome the challenges your business has set before it. By using collection strategies that are driven by in-depth analytics of high volume debt recovery campaigns and small case management, our professionally trained debt collector teams are ready to work alongside you to design and execute the best possible solution for your needs. We cover the entirety of the debt life cycle, with focus on early stages and pre-legal collections.

SSDA (Shapiro Shaik Defries & Associates) is a successful business in the inbound and outbound call centre industry and being based in Johannesburg, they could be the exact call centre that is perfect for you. Specialising in debt collection, we understand that transparency, trust and service excellence are the roots of our continued success.

Our commitment to our customer’s reputation and integrity go hand in hand with our commitment to fair debt collection practices that are capable and efficient. This means that everything our debt collector teams in South Africa do is treated with the highest degree of integrity and ethical behaviour, guaranteeing you a professional debt collection service that is in line with all local and international business standards, codes of conduct and legal requirements. Keeping to these standards is incredibly important not only for ourselves but also for each and every one of our clients and employees.

As a well-known debt collector in South Africa, SSDA’s call centres are kept in the highest regard when it comes to employee training and expertise. We strive to deliver a real and professional impact on business by engaging and meeting the challenges set before our teams.

Your date is also safely in our care. We will also work to improve the reliability and accuracy of internal customer data with the highest standards in order to protect your data from loss, damage and unauthorised access in adherence to the POPI Act.

SSDA has call centres that are ready and equipped to take on more clients each and every day. We will take care of making contact with all of your overdue customers or clients and help to maximised the debt recoveries that your business needs.

Please feel free to contact us today to find out how our call centres in Johannesburg can become an asset to your business today!

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